Recommended Anime?

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Recommended Anime?

Post by MofaMF »

I watched anime now and then but thanks to the TV series (Japanese original NOT Korean remake) I decided to delve back into anime to watch the anime version of Liar Game. It's one of my favourites to be honest but was one of my first anime's along with the obvious beginner ones including Death Note and Attack on Titan. I absolutely love it and has gave me a new crave for anime, which I will find recommendations on this forum from you guys!

So please, fire away!
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Post by Juneberry »

I can recommend things, but it depends on what services you have, since dad and I stream our anime on a couple of them. The genre is also important. But some anime my dad and I have watched recently that I'd recommend are...

Darwin's Game- Funimation
A Certain Magical Index - Hulu has the first two seasons, but the third can only be watched on Funimation
A Centaur's Life (it's just really cute and yet covers sensitive subjects in a neat way) - Funimation
Place to Place (a gag comedy) - Hulu

I'd be way better at recommending manga honestly xD
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Post by TopSilver »

Anime that I recommend are as follows:

- Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Bleach
- Dragonball GT
- Yu Yu Hakusho

Those are some to get you started. My top 2 are fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and yu yu hakusho. You should start with those. They are definitely worth giving a go.
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Post by Megan »

Here's some I like:

Sailor Moon (original anime)
Sailor Moon Crystal
Fullmetal Alchemist
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